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Motherhood is one of the busiest but most important jobs in this world! MOMs are multitaskers, we learn to find the 3rd way in pressing situations, we are responsible for our children, holding down households all while working full time jobs. With all of these moving elements it is easy for us to put self-care low on the priority list.

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Mind Over Matter Fitness prides ourselves in providing fast fat burning workouts for moms and other women who are pressed for time. Allow us to maximize your time with quick programs that will burn the greatest calories. All it takes is 30 minutes of your day…


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“I absolutely loved the all-inclusiveness of the program - cardio, toning, and healthy eating all in one...and the self-paces workouts are great for any MOM on the go!” 

The Summer Results program was the perfect thing to get me back on track! Easy to follow workouts and delicious meal plans made the program not only realistic but also enjoyable

It could all be so simple. 

It won't be hard! Let's do this, together. 

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